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Kietta Mayweather-Gamble
Kietta Mayweather Gamble

About Kietta

Lakeland, FL native Kietta Mayweather Gamble has traveled a long hard road to bring her issues based reality talk show, Real Talk With Kietta® to the masses. Produced by Dot G Productions Corp., "Real Talk With Kietta®" made enormous waves in its first season, presenting 13 episodes on Orlando's WRBW (UPN) and garnering ExtraExtra and Variety magazine coverage. Further, "Real Talk With Kietta®" executives and its distributor began reviewing syndication offers from networks that approached the show during the 2006 NAPTE Conference held in Las Vegas.

Kietta has been an entrepreneur from the day she stepped onto the Florida A&M University campus in Tallahassee, FL. Her first business was selling homemade Sweet Potato pies (from scratch), becoming known as "The Pie Lady." Her unrevealed "special ingredient," made the pies so delectable that her business spilled over into mail order, shipping pies nationwide. Pie Business aside, Kietta handled her "school business" and graduated in three years with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Economics and continued on to receive her Masters Degree in Management and Administration from Nova Southeastern University.

1998 greeted Kietta with the responsibility for young minds, teaching mathematics to middle school students in the Orlando, FL area. "I had some very good students," states Kietta, which helped her become a popular educator in her area. In the same year, leveraging her popularity and skill set obtained during her college career, including being "The Pie Lady," Kietta began a successful commercial cleaning service, which, over a 4-year period, grew to such proportions, Kietta was sadly required to leave teaching. A Total Cleaning Concepts was now a full-fledged and full time entity requiring all of the concentration and intestinal fortitude she had.

Always the go-getter, Kietta, in efforts to prepare for the future, felt the need to diversify and add other revenue making endeavors to the Mayweather-Gamble portfolio. In doing so, several other ventures were entered into that were not as successful and became a drain on her resources. Like many business owners before her and yet to come, Kietta suffered a major setback and unencumbered her wallet by selling off cleaning business. But that just put her barely back in the black and it was time to explore other avenues to get back on top. SKG Enterprises and Estates was born!

Six days before the credit reporting agencies would begin showing her as 30 days delinquent on every account in her name and no cash to speak of, Kietta purchased her first investment property worth nearly half a million dollars. Within 12 months of that first purchase, she had purchased millions of dollars of real estate and turned her disaster into an entrepreneurial wonder story! SKG Enterprises and Estates now hold titles to multiple luxury properties and executive estates and once again Kietta helms a thriving entity.

Realizing how her life experiences, both high and low times, could inspire others and seeing the supportive reactions from her peers as she shared her story, Kietta was motivated to share her wealth of knowledge via the power of television and to this end, Real Talk With Kietta®was created and totally self-financed. Scarred with her own obstacles; divorced parents, an abusive relationship, poverty, bad business investments and postpartum depression, Kietta can truly meet her audience "where they are."

Touted by ExtraExtra as a show that focuses on "...such hot-button topics as AIDS, drug abuse, incest and poverty." (January 26, 2006) Real Talk with Kietta® deals with real people, real issues and helps to find real solutions, even offering real life solutions to troubled teens, not just talk. Unique to the genre of talk shows, the discussions are not glossed over, but presented in down to earth "real talk" fashion, direct and to the point. In one segment, "Men On The Down Low," while dealing with a serious issue affecting families and loved ones of apparently straight man, even has moments of true humor. Her "Surviving Incest" segment shows her strong interpersonal communication skills and the real way she has of comforting and instilling trust in her guests, allowing them to reveal and discuss horrendous moments that have permanently affected their lives. Moreover, you never know what celebrity Kietta is bound to interview. Her gracious and charming style makes her celebrity guest(s) so relaxed, they don't hold back "Real Talk" with Kietta!

A new media darling has been created! This intelligent, caring and humble classic beauty delivers what she promises, Real Talk, Real People, and Real Solutions. Contrary to how you BELIEVE things are, Real Talk With Kietta® will tell you how things REALLY are! Uniquely qualified among her peers to present the topics covered by Real Talk With Kietta®, she represents her guests and their issues in a clear concise manner with a personality both endearing and motivating. You can re-live Kietta's experience through the book she wrote, "So Damn What".